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What happened ????
"The feels of watching God’s Gift 14 Days: One….twooo….threeee….foooourrr……fiveeee….six….seven….eight….nine…..ten…..11…12…13,14,15,16.end!"
and that escalated quickly (via dramatroll)

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So my brother and I were talking about dimensions. Anyway, long story short, the alien from You Who Came From the Stars could happen because of the wormhole that he finds. I don’t know that it would happen exactly the same way, but something like that could happen. Anyway, I thought I’d throw that out to you. I feel like I didn’t explain this very well, but I don’t know exactly how to explain it better. 

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(SPOILER) God's Gift 14 Days - The Finale - Episode 16

I didn’t understand this reasoning that well. It really didnt prove Dong Chan lived. As you said Dong Chan was with Saet Byul at the lake at 12 am, and the other events that occurred were during the day. The hand on the shoulder could have been the Team Leader, and maybe that’s why they included the scene of Dong Chan asking him to care for them. Also, the little speech that Dong Chan gave at the end kinda gives off that he died…
I honestly don’t want to believe he died either though… 😭

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God’s Gift 14 Days - Episode 16

I just want to say…

He lives.  This scene chronologically occurs before the shot where Dong Ho gets our of prison.  Dong Chan was there between his mama and Yong Gyu, he taps Yong Gyu on the shoulder.  He HAD to survive and did.  

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Omg please please let him have.lived
God's Gift Finale


Dear show,

WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT???? At first your twists and turns were good, but then you twisted and turned your way off the deep end into the deep dark world of COMPLETE INCOHERENCE. Can someone explain what the hell actually happened with Dong Chan? Cause I’m completely mystified. And so…

nerdermerender im just as lost as you :( The happy smiles by the characters and the hand kinda give off that he lived but his speech at the end and the hand (cause it couldve been the Team Leaders hand) and the fact they went to visit the “river (?)” also make it seem like he died, but it could also have meant that he lived cause I dont think the mom and the girl wouldve been to smiley…. Sorry, I wrote you some pretty complicated ideas. Im trying to make sense of it right now too 😯 Im really hoping he lived 😭

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Welll God’s Gift-14 Days’ is over and left us guessing the ending.

I’m just going to think that it was a very happy ending for both parts because Saet Byul is alive and Dong Chan’s hyung came out of prison and you can see Dong Chan’s shadow/hand as his brother gets out of prison.

Dong Chan went…

yinette Do you also think that was Dong Chan? Ive been trying to believe that so hard, but the Police Team Leadee keeps coming to mind 😭

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all these kdrama kisses got the girl just awkwardly sittin there and the guys goin in straight for the kill

why the girls not pouncing on them

chanyounot I feel you. *cough, cough, Park Shin Hye in Heirs* I will never understand her reaction considering the fact that Lee Min Ho fave her one of the like biggest kisses in kdrama worls….

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